Student Comments

“Thank you for an AMAZING class.  With each week I find myself understanding more and more, grasping the bigger picture.  I can’t thank you enough for opening my eyes and helping me be more aware of what is occurring in my life.  I have not only been able to practice meditation on a daily basis, I am actually meditating twice a day now, but I have taken the lessons you have taught and been able to use them in my everyday life.  I am able to step back, evaluate the situation and am able to respond instead of react to these situations.”DW

“I’m really looking forward to the next class series.  Learning about mindfulness meditation is the best thing I’ve done for myself in longer than I can remember! Thanks so much for making this possible.” KV

“What I like best about your class and your website is what makes it so personal. The focus is meditation. There is no shrine or ritualistic stuff; no dogma of any nature. I’ve  spent lots of time on the internet looking for meditation centers and everything I found has a club, ritual or groupy feel that I just don’t care for. You keep it simple. Less is more  ;)” MD  

“I would say that mindfulness helped me to learn how to STOP in the middle of the day & turn off the chaos!!!!” RB

“It has been so nice to learn from you and from the process of Mindful Meditation to recognize my surroundings (my thoughts) and to name them instead of swimming in them unknowingly and without end.  It’s so pleasant and strengthening to recognize the roads on which we’ve already traveled.  I seem not to beat myself up so much when I’m able to say, “Oh yes, that’s just that dialogue I do when I dwell on… some issue,” and then I can just take another breath and move on. Thanks for introducing me to that path.”  CL 

“I have tried meditation on my own in the past, but soon became frustrated and discouraged with the process.  Michael’s classes have given me the tools to focus, to be mindful of my thought processes and have patience and compassion for myself.  Michael can help Type-A-personality types like me master the skills of meditation.” TD 

“I really enjoyed the short time I spent with you in your classes.  You are a great teacher.  Your demeanor and calmness helped me tremendously. My greatest insight is being aware of my behavior as it has evolved from reactionary to a more pro-active state.  More and more, I’m able to catch myself when becoming reactive and when I can change I do. I have also noticed my body and it’s reactions to others and to itself. I am much more content being alone as opposed to always having to be around or with others as if I wanted to prove to myself I needed to be with other people.  I enjoy my time alone more and I am more productive at work with a much more even disposition.  I don’t sweat the small stuff.” DB 

“Through Michael’s Meditation therapy class, I was finally able to calm my inner voice and actually relax … something I seldom did before. Michael’s class turned this Type-A-personality into a much calmer, more patient soul”. JS 

“This was a life changing experience, not only did I acquire a lot of knowledge on Mindfulness meditation, Michael goes beyond the class to give support and advice. He is a very knowledgeable, compassionate and great teacher. I feel very lucky to have been part of his class.” RR

“Michael leads the class with kindness, acceptance and a huge spirit of inclusiveness and enthusiasm.  It is a pleasure to be there.  The class combines calmness and relaxation in the mediations, with thoughtful discussions.” CRG

“I enjoyed Michael’s class very much he is very knowledgeable, patient and kind. His class is a great introduction into Mindfulness Meditation. This class helped me learn to respond not react to my environment as well as increase my self awareness. ” JAW

“Michael’s teachings have helped me to establish an invaluable practice at beginning a mindfulness path.  His calm and compassionate nature is inspiring in creating that for oneself!  I am learning to recognize where I am simply caught up in my thoughts, and developing this awareness is extremely valuable in so many facets of my life.  Michael’s mindfulness groups…such a compassionate and generous thing to do for yourself.” WV

“As one who has had the courage to try and find the source of lifelong issues through psychotherapy, I have realized its value as well as its pain.  The Mindfulness Meditation session on Emotions gave me a tool to deal with the pain of past memories, to look and them, feel them, and let them go.  I have found Michael’s classes to be extraordinary in their benefit to the quality of my life.”   BP

“I discovered being able to sit in a perfect lotus position on my swing on my shady balcony, listening to the waves of the ocean and feeling the breeze as a pleasant touch to my face. The awareness, I gained from your course, solved various stress situations in my life, but it also brought out what has been sitting in my subconscious, something I have always had difficulty dealing with.  I do hope, this will be a break through, to turn these addictive negative thoughts into a positive direction, by realizing, that my thoughts are false.”

“Those 6 weeks were definitely enlightening; it made me realize that I can accomplish way much more if I just breathe and become aware of my thoughts and seize the moment instead of rushing through life! And although, I have a long way to go, at least I already have the tools. ” MGR

“Thank you, Michael, for another wonderful class!!
And again, I feel like this class has been designed just for me at this precise moment in my life!!  You have no idea…
It is almost creepy!! :)
I am looking forward to practice every day this week and to next week’s class. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you!” PDS

“I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to maintain a schedule of meditating every day…first thing in the morning for 30 minutes for weeks now, which I haven’t done in decades. Thank you.” SG

“Thank you so much for All of your effort in preparation and art of communication. I truly looked forward to them and I can easily say:
You have made a difference in my life.” and for this I want to say Thank you. I am glad that I was able to sit and learn so much from you and your group  as a whole.
Knowing what I was a part of, is My Gift. Such incredible people, I still have my notes from Drew, as we used to speak outside of your group.
Yes, Your Group Your Energy, Your … will be a Treasure.”

3 thoughts on “Student Comments

  1. Thank you, Michael, for the class. Although meditation for me is still a work in progress I now have more tools to help me in my quest for a calm, centered existence. I especially appreciate your supportive and intelligent approach to meditation practice, as well as your sense of humor. I am glad that you are there every Sunday. HL

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