About Us

THE MINDFULNESS METHOD’S MISSION STATEMENT: buddhaThe Mindfulness Method provides an environment encouraging intellectual discourse while studying teachings within the purview of science, psychology, philosophy and reason. At the core of all MM activities, is the practice of Mindfulness (Insight) Meditation.

Since we live life through relationship, the Mindfulness Method is committed to connecting personal development and collective engagement in our community. We combine the principles of mindfulness with a multifaceted approach driven to illuminate and personify a more meaningful life: one filled with clarity, peace, compassion and wisdom for ourselves, as well as for others.


We use the term “Insight” often. It’s the translation of the Pali word: Vipassana, and is the type of meditation practice we cultivate here at The Mindfulness Method.

Insight knowledge does not come from thinking, and it is not what you’d get from reading a book. It comes from practice. It is knowledge that is pragmatic, empirical, or experiential. It comes from a level of the mind that is clearer and more deeply concentrated than at other times. That is why, when we do Insight Meditation, from the very start, we emphasize mindfulness and clear awareness that comes without thinking.

It is not concerning the past nor the future but our present experience. When your mind travels back to the past, you tend to think about past experiences. If you fantasize, or think into the future, you are experiencing a mere projection of your thoughts.

Insight meditation concerns the present— when you do not think—when you experience the actual nature of what is happening to your mind and body, that is where you gain insight into where we really reside—in reality.



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