Our weekly sitting group meets every Sunday morning in the comfortable surroundings at The Institute for Essential Change, here in Fort Lauderdale.

Our first meditation session begins promptly @ 10:30am and runs for approximately 30 minutes, followed by a short break.

The group continues at 11:00am consisting of a talk (centered on a specific topic of the week) often followed by a guided meditation exercise and open discussion.

Here is some of our past topics:

  • The Four Noble Truths” 

  •  “The Eightfold Path” 

  •  Sankara” (Mental Formations) 

  • Relaxing Constructed Activity

  •  “Transformation”

  • The Hero’s Journey” 

  • “Strength Training for the Mind”

  • “Walking Meditation”

  • “Spiritual Materialism”

  • “Emotions”

  • “Taking Stock of Oneself” 

  • “The Neuroscience of Mindfulness”

  • “Attention to Intentions” 

  • “Karma”

  • “Intelligent Discourse”

  • “Metta” (Lovingkindness)

  • “45 Minute Guided Meditation on “The Breath and Body”

  • “Recently Published Medical Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness”

  • “Feelings and Emotions. What and When is the Difference?”

  • “No Mistakes are Fatal” 

  • “Right Effort”

  • “Spiral Dynamics”

  • “De-Perception”

  • “Dependent Co-Arising”

  • “Guided Meditation Exercise on Clarity”

  • “Guided Meditation Exercise on Intention”

  • “Hinduism/Buddhism Distinctions”

  • “The Obstacle is the Path”

  • “The Three Stages of Development”

  • “Conceptual Mental Proliferation”

  • “Balance in Meditation”

  • “Skillful Restraint”

  • “The Five Hindrances”

  • “Breath as the Main Object”

  • “The Three Doors”

  • “Pain” 

  • “Say Yes to Fear”

  • “Thought’s and Thinking”

  • Walking Meditation

  • “Mental Constructs”

  • “The Workings of Suffering”

  • “Buddhist Psychology and Neuroscience”

  • “Reality and Character”


 Please feel free to come early for the first silent meditation time and then the dharma talk, or if you prefer, the talk and the following guided meditation, or why not just stay for the entire experience! 

Forward this page to your friends so they know about this wonderful opportunity to discover awareness, contemplation and insight into their lives.

   There’s no dogma, nothing to believe in, just everything to BE in! 


The group meets at 2630 East Oakland Park Blvd. Just East of Federal Hwy. Plenty of off-street parking.  


MKCUMindfulness Meditation Instructor:

Michael Kasten is an impassioned thinker with formal education in Insight Meditation. He is a Certified Meditation Instructor and Advisory Board Member of the American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc., a Certified Teacher of Transformation Meditation, and a Certified Personal Trainer for 15 years. 

For the past 21 years he has invested his time and energy helping to grow various, local and national non-profit organizations. He is a prolific writer, lecturer and has presented mindfulness workshops at many different psychological and medical conferences. He is enthusiastically engaged in the study of neuroscience, with particular interest in neuropsychology and neuroplasticity. Michael has helped many people find their way onto a “contemplative path” and continues on his own journey toward enlightenment with openness of insight and inquiry into a wide variety of spiritual, scientific, ethical and contemplative studies.

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For more information call (347) 871-8422 

* Studio rental expenses incurred on Sundays are made through voluntary donations.