Relaxed Attention Retreat

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“Relaxed Attention” 

****this is a event from one of our past retreats.****

Intended to facilitate insight, equanimity, and beingness free from obstruction,participants will experience short talks, silent meditation with guided and walking meditation. Yoga sessions will be included in this relaxing program to help continue a relaxed awareness.

The focus being on refining our attention, introspection, deepening awareness and the cultivation of mindfulness so that life’s tensions and problems can be dealt with in a calm and balanced way.

Morning session begins promptly at 9:30am and will include a short talk, a guided meditation on “Relaxed Attention,” silent seated meditation, and walking meditation with a special Yoga session given before the lunch break at 12:30pm. The afternoon session begins at 2:00pm with a short talk, a guided meditation, silent sitting meditation and walking meditation, concluding with a final Yoga session at 5:00pm.

Bottled water and fresh fruit will be provided free of charge.

This daylong Insight Meditation Retreat is for anyone interested in deepening and expand their meditation practice as we cultivate relaxed attention, reflection, and introspection. 

Chairs will be provided for those who need them and we have a limited number of mats and cushions also.

 Awareness brings intuitive moments that includes everything. It’s not dividing anything into good, bad, right, wrong. It’s receiving whatever arises just the way it is. Both right and wrong can exist in the same moment, and can do so with our newfound relaxed awareness.

 The daylong retreat is $65.00 per person.

Registration is limited to the first 25 people, so reserve your place by registering here PayPal or the Buy Now button below. You will receive confirmation as your name and contact information will automatically be included. For other payment types, please contact us by phone or email below.

 Please consider joining us for this auspicious event!

Meditation Instructor: Michael Kasten

For more information, please contact

Michal Kasten @ (347) 871-8422

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