Intermediate Class

Course Outline:

Mindfulness Meditation Intermediate Series

 Time:  This course takes place over the span of a month with four, weekly consecutive classes.

Goals: The course is designed to deepen your abilities in the practice of Mindfulness Meditation by:

  • Providing you with more in-depth information while at the same time…

  • Helping to cultivate and develop certain skill sets, i.e.: “Skillful Means.”

 Prerequisite: You must have completed the Foundations Class or an equivalent such as another Insight Meditation introductory class or an Insight Meditation 10 day retreat. Material covered in the “Foundations” class is already assumed.


  • A commitment to meditate at least one complete 30 minute session per day (total 28 days.) This may be accomplished by a walking meditation or a sitting meditation.

  • The commitment to keep a meditation journal. You’ll be expected to make notations in the journal after every meditation session and have the willingness to share those experiences during class time. Handouts will help guide you in this process.

 Class Curriculum:

  • Week 1: Introduction. Defining Skillful Means.

  • Week 2: The Five Faculties. The balance of “activity” and “receptivity.”

  • Week 3: The Initial Application of Thought, Attention & then the Sustained Application of Attention.

  • Week 4: Paying Attention to Intentions.

  Guided meditations will be included in class time. The meditations will be designed to coincide with material covered thus enhancing the practice in accord with our weekly discoveries. During the first class, we will begin with a 30 minute meditation and then consecutively build-up to 45 minutes by the 4th session.


Where: The Community. 16 NE 4th Street

How: This course is $150.00. Please use the PayPal link below.

Intermediate Class

Intermediate Class

Mindfulness Meditation Instructor:

Michael Kasten is an impassioned thinker with formal education in Insight Meditation. He is a Certified Meditation Instructor and Board Advisor with the American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc., a Certified Teacher of Transformation Meditation and Certified Personal Trainer. He has a long history of selfless service in various non-profit organizations, and has been an active leader in both civic and civil service. He is a prolific writer, lecturer and has presented mindfulness workshops at many different psychological and medical conferences. He is enthusiastically engaged in the study of neuroscience, with particular interest in neuropsychology and neuroplasticity. Michael has helped many people find their way onto a “contemplative path” and continues on his own journey toward Enlightenment with openness of insight and inquiry into a wide variety of spiritual, scientific, ethical and contemplative studies.

For more information, please contact: Michael Kasten (347) 871-8422